In honor of National Mentor Month, we would like to feature one of our favorite programs provided by Communities In Schools of Clark County, the 3,2,1 Read Program. CIS of Clark County’s 3, 2, 1 Read Program matches a community-volunteer with a struggling reader for a one-on-one weekly session of reading with the student. Each week the student is given a new book to enlarge the student’s home library. Once the student is matched with a “reading mentor”, CIS of Clark County commits to providing a volunteer for a full three years, from 1st through 3rd grade.

 Here is what one student, David shared about his experience in the program.  “The 3,2,1 Read program has helped me a lot over the years. I’m currently in 10th grade and I’m still using the reading skills I learned from my 3,2,1 Read program and teachers. I struggled a lot, I redid first grade and that’s when I got into the 3,2,1 Read program. They are the main reason I passed all my reading tests cause of all their help, time and patience they gave me! Thank you 3,2,1 Read!”

This is not just a program for reading, it is a mentoring program, providing students with another adult in their life who cares about their success.

 CIS Extended Learning